Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

Let me tell you my day being an Egyptian street vendor is much crazier than you would think. I take the Bestway Coach bus here from NYC and when I get off I am at the corners of 11th & Cherry streets. First, on this specific day I notice that my favorite flower shop at 102 Cherry Street closed down. So now my wife be mad at me if she does not get her gift, so I now have to go elsewhere.

On my way I stop at the wawa market at 11th & Arch streets where I buy fresh fruits to sell on my truck. Then I walk to 12th street and go left where my parking garage is between Arch & Filbert streets. They take care of my truck very good there.

After I pick up my truck and my vending trailer, my very first stop is on the next block over at the Wine & Spirits shoppe between Filbert & Market streets. I have very long days and I much enjoy a small bottle of brandy to keep me going throughout the day.

Next stop is at Philly Nuts & Candy on 12th street between Chestnut & Market. They have the best nuts and I sell them on my truck for double price. Then I stop at 12th & Sansom at Finn McCool' Ale House because they let me take 1 American beer for my drive to my stops. They are very friendly there. Then I leave very quickly and run across the street to the Edible Arrangements store since the other flower shop is closed. I take in the morning so I don't have to stop back in the afternoon. My wife won't know the difference. I try and be quick because I park my truck in the lane and I do not want the police man to give me hard time because I usually have my beer half way drank by now.

Next I stop at Joanne Dry Cleaners to pick up my snazzy shirts that make my customers so happy. I look very good you know, and that Joanne, she so nice, I let her sip my beer before I leave. Very nice lady.

Next I stop at the Royal Bank at 13th & walnut for my various bills for change, followed by the VIP food & produce store who always have my order ready in the morning. I don't like to double park there because it is a tow zone, and I would be screwed if they towed my truck!

Then I turn right on Broad Street and quickly stop in at Tower Records at Broad & Sansom so I can pick up the latest American hits to play on my CD boombox in my truck. The customers, they like that very much.

I finally get to my corner at Broad & Chestnut where I set up my truck and have a long day of cooking, drinking my brandy, and listening to the Justin Timberlake with the Philadelphia people.

I do love my job.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bonnaroo's Sonic Forest
sonic forest

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