Wednesday, March 21, 2007


After a closer look at the websites and search terms used by my boss's son, I think I learned a few things about him that otherwise were unknown to me.

Most notably, I could tell that he was a very big fan of older music and specifically Bob Dylan, and that his other interest fell into older film and actors.

Some of his links went to Bob Dylan forum sites, and I believe that the Yahoo group page was probably at one time linked to a Bob Dylan yahoo group, however, there were no saved cookies to help me find the truth to that.

The only site that was off-topic was the site Obscure Store, which seemed like a list of random stories...

As far as the Google search terms, Michael Landon was someone he searched for that was a star on the show Bonanza...maybe a favorite?

Also, when I went into work today, I found out that my boss's son had left this week to go and visit his girlfriend who lives in Illinois.....I guess we know her address now huh?


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